Disposable Face Mask Non Medical

  • Product Name: Disposable Protective
  • Mask Specification: 3 layers, ear hanging type, 175 mm*95mm flat type
  • Certification: FDA
  • Daily Production: 500,000 pcs
  • Package: 50 pcs/box, 40 boxes/box
  • Quantity: 2000 boxes (40 boxes)
  • Gross Weight: 8.9kg
  • Volume: 520 mm*400mm*380mm
  • The filtering effect B.F.E. is as high as 99%
  • Adsorption Rate: ≥15%
  • Resistance: 80%
  • Area Weight: 35-45g/㎡

PRODUCT Description

The disposable 3 layer mask is made of 2 layer fiber non-woven fabric and 1 layer of melt blown fabric with bacteria prevention of more than 99% through ultrasonic welding; the environment protection type full plastic strip is used at the bridge of nose, which does not contain any metal, and the bridge clamp design can make the most comfortable adjustment according to different face types. The inner covering ultrasonic spot welding ear belt is selected, which is firm, not easy to fall, vapor permeable and comfortable.

Scope of Use

Disposable mask can be used in electronic manufacturing, dust-free workshops. Catering service, food processing, schools, motorcycles, spray processing, stamping hardware, electroplating, chemical industry, steel, welding sites, health centers, handicrafts, hospitals, beauty, pharmaceuticals, factories, clean environment, public places, etc.


Very good ventilation; can filter toxic gas; can keep warm; can absorb water; can be waterproof; has scalability; will not be messy; feel very good and quite soft; relative to other masks; the texture is lighter; very elastic, can return to the original after stretching; low price, suitable for mass.





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